About Us

Taz & Bogey want to tell you about Gear for Pets!



Please allow me to introduce my family. From left to right, I am Taz, the 9 year old black and graying miniature Schnauzer, our caretakers Wayne and Mike, and Bogey a 7 year old miniature Schnauzer. Both Bogey and I are quite pampered and we have grown to expect most, if not all, of everything we desire.


Our day commences quite early, say around 3:30-4:30 am attempting to wake Mike so we can be fed breakfast and visit the grounds. I might add that our caretakers or ground keepers, if you will, do a great job meeting our expectations mowing the lawn and removing our gifts.


After breakfast, we usually keep company with our caretakers prior to their preparing for work.  We are unsure why they leave, but they usually return in the evening. Bogey and I utilize the alone time to catch up on our well-deserved sleep and to practice our harmony for the duet we perform when they return. I have a high pitched shrill that will wake the dead and Bogey’s base adds quite nicely to the welcome we give them. For some reason or another, Wayne and Mike become quite embarrassed upon their approach to the garage and their entry into our domain.  Our duet seems to effect the neighbors, when walking by, they are always smiling and shaking their heads.


We usually have dinner with Wayne and Mike. We all sit on the same couch and Bogey and I mind our manners so we can receive some tiny morsels of fish or chicken and perhaps a bit of bread or vegetables. After dinner, we partake of some water from Mike’s glass, this is our que that dinner is over and our treat, the greenie, is but a few moments away. Our day is nearly over and we enjoy spending some serious attention time with Wayne and Mike prior to our retiring. Bogey and I like to retire sooner than Wayne and Mike, therefore we schnauzers take turns coaxing by providing a few woofs and a paw or two until they give in and retire.


We have a great website, Gear for Pets.com. We would like you view the wonderful selection of gifts for your Taz and Bogey, or whoever keeps company with you.