Cats will love our collection of gear designed especially for felines!

Gear for Pets offers a fun collection of pet gear for your feline friends.  Even the most finicky of cats love our cat collars, the only problem you’ll have is trying to decide which to buy and so we recommend at least two or three.

Cats have such funny dispositions.  One moment than can love you and the next minute they act like they don’t know you but truth be told, they still love you!  They also love to play.  Our cat toys will provide tons of fun for you and your feline.  Choose cuddly plush toys or fun catnip toys that will provide your cat with hours of fun.  Catnip is an herb that is part of the mint family and while your cat may react funny to it there is no harm and it is not addictive.  Catnip stimulates all of the cat’s senses and can be quite fun for you cat and for you to watch them.  Catcher toys are toys on wands that you can dangle in front of your kitty.  They will love jumping and chasing after the “prey” and it provides great exercise, particularly for indoor cats. 

We know you want to treat your cat and our treat section provides a wide variety of cat treats that both you and your kitty will love.  You for their natural goodness and your cat will love the treat because it tastes great!

But that’s not all. To allow your cat to exercise its innate need to scratch, we have a fantastic assortment of cat scratchers. Their unique quality designs will not only allow your cat to follow its scratching urge but protect your furniture while looking stylish as well. From the scratch ottoman to the sporty football scratcher, you are sure to find the one that fits your cat’s style.

Of course, we have many more great cat items available. Browse our website to discover the many new items we are adding constantly such as the heated cat sill, for example.