Cat Scratchers

Cat Scratchers

Protect their Paws and your Furniture with a Cat Scratcher


Cat scratchers are an essential item, especially for indoor cats. Cats have the innate need to scratch and exercise their claws and if you want to protect your furniture from falling prey to shredding orgies, you will need a fabulous cat scratcher that does its job well. Our unique selection of attractive designs of durable cat scratchers will give your cat hours of scratching joys and safe the your furniture from premature death.

Our cat scratchers come in many different shapes and sizes to ensure that you will find the right one to fit the style of your home and your cat’s particular needs.

At Gear for Pets we have a wide assortment of cat scratching pads that can be hung on doors, if your cat enjoys trimming her claws on doors, or posts that you can lean on any wall or piece of furnitures.

If you are looking for scratchers that do their job AND look fabulous, explore our selection of unique scratching furniture that includes fun items such as the Scratch n Shapes Club Chair and Ottoman Combo, the Cheese Scratcher or even the Convertible Car Scratcher.

Who says scratch toys aren’t fun? Gear for Pets knows it better.

Your cat’s urge to scratch can’t be helped. It is their way of marking territory and to get rid of old material stuck in their paws, but you can help them by offering a suitable scratching solution. By providing your feline companion with a suitable scratching surface you ensure that he or she gets to exercise natural cat behavior without destroying your home and furniture.

You may have to try a few scratchers to find out which one your cat prefers. If you have any questions or need some inspiration, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter or to contact us today.

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