Cat Treats

Cat Treats

Yummy Treats Let You Express Your Love

Show kitty how much you love her with delicious cat treats from Gear for Pets. Sharing a tasty treat with your cat is a great way to bond and express your love. We have a great selection of the finest, high potency catnip available for purchase.

When the best is the only thing that will do, you can count on our natural catnip to save the day. Catnip is available in different sizes depending on the needs of your cat.

Or have fun with your cat by stuffing a cat kong with catnip and watch her go to town. Your cats will love Gear for Pets catnip.

But there is more. In addition to premium catnip treats we have real chicken food toppers, and we guarantee your cat will go crazy for them. Our real food toppers are US sourced and made, free of antibiotics and hormones and human food grade. Because it is freeze dried it won’t need to be refrigerated and has an excellent shelf life, that is, if your cat doesn’t find it first. Among cats the food toppers are dealt as cat-crack, so keep it in a safe place.

If your cat enjoys the taste of fish, check out Natural Purzz Cat Treats in salmon or tuna flavor.  They are the healthy alternative to traditional cat treats you and your feline friend have been waiting for. Free of wheat, corn, BHA, artificial colors and flavors, you know you are sharing a snack that is tasty and healthy.

Another great and healthy cat treat option available at Gear for Pets online are ZUKES G-ZEES CAT TREATS . Rich of flavor and all the good stuff you can think of, you will never have to feel guilty about sharing these tasty bites. Give them out as a reward during or after playtime or while cuddling on the couch. Your cat will think you are the best thing since, well ZUKES G-ZEES.

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