Charlie's Box plus Scoop - Champagne

Charlie's Box plus Scoop - Champagne
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Litter Box

Charlie's Box from Gear For Pets provides smart solutions for litter box use & care - for you & your cats. The first litter box designed to be shown in your home instead of hidden away. The Wide opening makes this box suitable for all cats - up to 26 lbs! Benefits For Cats: Wide cat head shaped opening, positioned at the perfect height, makes it easy for entry, Height and turning space allow enough room for your cat to move around comfortably inside the box. Benefits For the Owner: Finally, a place to put the litter scoop! The Perfect Litter Scoop (included in the set) fits into the pocket at the back of box. Innovative, active filter system helps minimize litter box odor for 30 days. High sides and back are great for controlling spraying and litter scratching inside the box. Special extra comfortable handle. Double vented top & back to help encourage air circulation. Easy to clean - the seam-free interior is so smooth, virtually nothing sticks to it. Made from High Density Polypropylene:

  • Measures 15" wide x 19" high x 20" deep,
  • Opening measures 9" x 9",
  • Height of Opening is 5 1/2". 

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