Dog Toys

Dog Toys

Dogs love to play. Some love running and chasing things, others love chewing and digging and others love to play fetch. No matter what your dog is into, we have the toys to match his or her personality. Explore our selection of the world famous Kong toys. No matter if you pooch enjoys catching one of the toys that are made from durable tennis ball material, or if he enjoys a squeaky Kong, we’ve got it. These extremely durable and affordable dog toys are sure to be a hit with your four legged friend.

Katie Bumpers are made from non-toxic vinyl which also makes them easy to clean. Simply hand wash with some dish soap and they are ready for another round of tugowar. Or you can simply throw them in the dishwasher, and did we mention they float too which makes them great for water dogs.

We have many other dog toys such as treat balls, and throw toys. Toys should not be fun, but safe as well, which is why Gear for Pets offers safe dog toys that are not painted, so now paint will come off in the mouth of your pets. As pet owners it is our responsibility to keep them safe, especially while we are out and having fun together.

No matter what your dog is into, we have the toy for it. From soft toys for dogs with sensory issues, to toss toys for athletic dogs or squeaky toys for the playful pooch, we can satisfy your dog’s desire to play. Our agility toys will also stimulate your dog’s brain and keep his adventurous nature interested.

Check out our tear resistant patchwork toys, they are so adorable you will want one for yourself. Don’t be surprised if they turn up in your kids’ toy chest.