All the gear you need for your dog can be found in our pet boutique!

Gear for Pets is excited to bring you an amazing collection of pet gear for your dog.  We know how important your dog is to you and your family and that you only want the best for him or her.  Dogs aren’t called man’s best friend for no reason!  Who else loves you so unconditionally and forgives you completely for everything?!  So go ahead, spoil them – they deserve it!

We have everything you need. For entertainment and fun we feature a great assortment of dog toys. Our dog toys will delight your pooch to no end.  You’ll find a wide variety of all the different toys your dog needs to stay busy and keep them happy.  Dog toys aren’t just about play after all, each type of toy serves a purpose with your dog.  Katie’s bumpers for example are rough and tough and perfect for you to interact with your dog in a game of fetch or tug of war.  PetProjekt™  and Kong® provide your pup with great, durable chew toys.  You’d certainly rather your dog chew on a toy than that new pair of shoes!

And after all the fun, go ahead and reward your dog with a wholesome and delicious treat. They have earned it.

Maybe your dog enjoys fashion as much as you do. Gear for Pets has the best online inventory of dog apparel for every occasion. No matter if you are looking for formal wear, cozy sweaters or fashionable hoodies, you can find them here.

Because we want your dogs to feel comfortable, we also feature a wide array of harnesses. For many dogs, using a harness is a great alternative to a dog collar.  It eliminates the pressure a collar puts on your dog’s neck and from a training point of view; a harness helps to teach your dog not to pull.  A harness distributes the pressure more evenly around your dog’s body and can prove more effective.  For cooler temps, be sure to check out our adorable harness coats


You’ll also adore our collection of leashes for your walks in the park and around the neighborhood!  Every fashionable pooch will enjoy our collar and leash sets but if your pup likes a little variety, be sure to shop our Martingale collar collection for fun patterns and lots of color options.  We even have sets for Teacups – sized just right!