Dog Treats

Dog Treats

There is nothing like a tasty dog treat for a job well done, or after exerting yourself during play time. Gear for Pets has the best dog treats available on the market. Our healthy and delicious treats will have Fido begging for more.

Purchase some of that tasty filling that you can squeeze inside the Kong and make your dog work for it. The Kong is a highly acclaimed dog “treat toy” that challenges your dog’s problem solving skills and makes him or her work for the treat he is about to receive. Or how about some bully sticks to satisfy his need for chewing while also keeping his teeth healthy? We have them in several sizes to accommodate your dog’s unique needs. We even have easy to chew treats for senior pets.

If you finally want to eat that bag of chips without your pup hogging it, try our fabulously tasty Puptato Chips dog treat. Now you can watch a movie together, but don’t have to share. Or try the Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix or the cookie mix. For the hot summer months, the Freezy Pups Kits are a big hit. Making deliciously cold and frozen dog treats has never been easier than with these FDA approved, high quality ice cube trays.

There are so many snacks to choose from, we bet you can’t buy just one.

Experience the joyful bonding that comes with enjoying a yummy snack together. The great variety of dog treats available at Gear for Pets is destined to create wonderful memories for years to come, no matter if you enjoy sharing that bag of chips around the campfire, or the ice cream treats during the dog days of summer. Pooch will know that you are his best friend.

Celebrate her birthday with cake mix and frosting and she will thank you forever. Our dog treats are a delightful feast for the tastebuds and the eyes.

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