A dog leash seems to be a simple thing and yet there are many things to consider. A dog leash is an important training tool that will stay with your dog from the puppy days onward. It gives you control over your dog which can help prevent strangers from getting scared, prevent your dog from breaking away to chase a squirrel or a cat and could in process even cause an accident. Leashes are not an accessory, they are a “Have to”. In fact, dog leashes are the law.

However, this does not mean that you have to lead your pooch with an ugly leash. Just because they are the law, doesn’t meant they have to be boring. However, when selecting a leash for your dog, you want to make sure that it is the right one. Standard or regular leashes are one of our top sellers and used for everyday walks, visit to the park and more.

Our retractable leashes work like measuring tapes. The pet owner has control over the slack the leash has and we recommend that this type of leash is only used for dogs who respond well to commands and have learned to walk on the leash properly. Our pink retractable flexi leash is available in 4 sizes and can even be used for cats.

Our traffic leads are the perfect solution when training a dog to walk in high traffic areas, because it keeps him or her close to you. For night walks you may want to try the LED light dog leash to ensure that both you and your pup are able to be seen. The American River Cushion Grip Nylon Leash is the perfect addition to the American River Harness. It is soft, strong and comfortable and available in 2 sizes. The leashes at Gear for Pets are affordably priced, available in many colors and styles and most importantly strong and safe.

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