Dog Houses

Dog Houses

Shelter Your Pup With A Quality Dog House

Keeping your dog safe from the elements of cold, rain and the summer heat is important. Responsible dog owners will ensure their best friend is protected with a well built dog house all their own! We have listed the features you should look for when shopping for a dog house to keep your pet safe outside:

4 Things to Consider:

1. Keep them warm:

Don’t let your dog turn into a pupsicle! When the temps get frosty, a doghouse should keep your dog warm and toasty. Having adjustable feet that raises up the dog bed to keep it off the ground and allows air to circulate underneath will keep the floor of the dog house dry and will not allow water inside.

2. Keep them cool:

You don’t want your dog to turn into a hotdog! Having a roof over your best friends head will keep them shaded from the heat of the sun and allow them to stay cool in the dog days of summer. The same adjustable feet that keeps your dog warm in the winter will also keep your dog cool on hot summer days because of the airflow circulating underneath. Having adjustable legs on the dog house you get is a very important feature that is often overlooked. Keep your dog from overheating with these simple features.

3. Keep your dog dry:

Keep raindrops from falling on Fido’s head with a shingled roof to keep the rain from going inside the doghouse. A house with raised flooring will stay dry during a rainstorm and after. The dog house should also be weatherproofed inside and out with a sealer. Another great feature to keep your dog dry is the off-center design so that rain doesn’t pour in through the doorway.

4. Keep your dog safe from wind:

If only Dorothy had a proper, wind safe dog house for Toto! Keeping your dog out of the wind will keep your dog well protected and allow them to stay warm. A drafty dog house will not only give your dog the chills but could make him sick. Keep your dog healthy by looking for a house made with a tongue-and-groove exterior for draft resistance. Additionally, an off-center design for the opening keeps wind from blowing inside the house.

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