Scratch Posts

Scratch Posts

Finding The Right Scratching Post For Your Cat

Did you know cats have scent glands on their paws? They mark their territory by scratching the areas of their home and leaving their scent behind on the floors,furniture and walls. Although the scratching can seem irritating to cat owners, it is perfectly normal behavior. They also scratch so they can remove the dead layer of their claws and the scratching also helps them calm down when they are stressed out, bored or anxious. This is also how a cat stretches its body. Scratching is a healthy thing for your cats to do.

It is understandable why you do not enjoy the scratching as much as your cat does. But Instead of scolding your cat to stop scratching, purchasing a scratching post will avoid having your furniture destroyed. Place your pet’s scratching post in an area your cat spends most of its time. If you place a cat scratcher tucked away in a corner, it will most likely go unused as the cat will not seek it out and instead go to items around your home you do not want scratched up.

If you have multiple cats, you will need a scratching post for each pet. As stated earlier, their scratching is a territorial habit. So each cat will want to mark it’s own post. Each cat has it’s own scratching habits. There are cats that like to scratch the sides of chairs, couches and walls while other cats prefer scratching the tops of chair cushions and some cats like to get underneath furniture and lay on their back to scratch the underside of a bed or couch. By studying these scratching preferences, you can find the perfect scratching posts to suit each kitty in your home.

Vertical scratchers:

For the wall cat scratchers, we suggest a post that you can hang on the door or one that can lean against the wall.

Floor scratchers:

Cats that scratch whatever they are sitting on top of such as the carpet or couch cushions will benefit from a scratching post they can sit on or lay on top of.

Overhead scratchers:

Cat’s that like to scratch above them while laying on their back will love a tunneled scratching post they can get inside of. Avoid having your box springs shredded by getting a scratching post tunnel.

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