Pet Accessories

Pet Accessories

Pet grooming and care is easy with our pet accessories!

Gear for Pets offers a complete collection of pet accessories to care for your pet.  Caring for and animal is a big responsibility and requires a lot of gear.  When it comes to feeding time, pets can be messy and not always the most polite creatures. Our food accessories collection has everything you need to make feeding time a good time.  Our food mats help with messy eaters and those who drip their water everywhere.  For pets that tend to wolf their food down which can cause gastric issues, an interactive feeder is a great solution.    

Grooming is important to your pet’s health not just their fantastic looks.  Our bath tubs and grooming accessories help make this chore much more manageable because let’s face it, not all pets enjoy bath time. Our FURminator® collection includes grooming and hairball solutions, shampoos and their wonderful shedding tools.

While your pet may sleep the day away (check out our lazy pet products) you will be cleaning up behind them.  Waste management is a big job and someone has to do it.  Unfortunately even well housebroken pets may have an accident sometimes and having the proper pet stain and odor removers will make a big difference to your home!

When your sweet pet is facing any kind of issue and needs to recover from it, you’ll find the pet accessories you need in our protective petwear.  From recovery collars to protective pants to prevent accidents, our collection will have what you need.