Pet Beds

Pet Beds

Comfy pet beds for your four-legged friends.

It can be great fun to share your bed with your pet, but sometimes it is even more fun to have more room for yourself. To entice your four legged friend to relocate, a comfy pet bed may just be the ticket. Pets enjoy having their “own” beds, a place that is their own. And we can help.

Gear for Pets offers a full line of cozy beds for your pet.  From bed mats to pet cots and everything in between, we offer a huge variety of pet beds for you to choose from.    You’ll love our line of travel beds, perfect for a short or long trip in the car.  Does your pooch love to camp?  Bring his own Ringo Camping Mat for those long afternoon naps by the campfire.   Not all pets like to rough it, and Gear for Pets offers bumper beds, couture beds and donut beds that will please even the fussiest furry friend.    Give Fido his own space in the bedroom and he’ll enjoy a good night’s sleep along with you! 

Gear for Pets hasn’t forgotten our feline pals.  We also offer a fabulous selection of cat beds, including heated beds ideal for outdoor use.  Your cat will love to curl up for a nap in any of our heated beds.   If you are concerned about the environment or just looking for an earth friendly pet bed, we’ve got you covered.  Check out our line of eco-friendly pet beds ideal for a pet that is battling allergies, or just needs the superior comfort and support that our Orio Bed provides.  And since most pets can sometimes be messy, we also offer a line of pet throvers and mess mats.    Our pet beds will keep your pet comfortable and cozy whether it’s an afternoon nap or a full night’s rest.